Friday 13 September 2013

In All Natural Tiles we are always thinking about you, and that is why we want you to have every possible facility.

If you are thinking in a special sizes of our products for your house, don't panic WE CUT THE SLABS FOR YOU.

Ask us for prices and tell us your projects... we only want the best for you.

Friday 21 June 2013


Yes! We have decided continue with our SPECIAL OFFERS and now is the time of Crema Bella Polished Marble

Crema Bella Polished Marble THE LOWEST PRICE IN THE UK

Unbelievable Price and Quality Crema Bella Polished Marble

Deal Including: 1 sqm tiles - 8% OFF
Size: 457x305x12
Finish: Polished
Are of Use: Wall & Floor

Price: £21.60 including VAT
You Save: £23.40/sqm

Wednesday 12 June 2013


Yes!!! Finally the day has arrived!!!

We are very glad to tell you that WE HAVE LOWER PRICES IN ALL OUR PORCELAIN TILES!!!

Come on! Check our new prices in the web site and choose your product!

Thursday 6 June 2013


We want the best for you, and for that we have these special offers only for you:

Crema Marfil Clasico Polished Marble

Unbelievable Price and Quality Crema Marfil Clasico Marble Polished

Deal Including: 1 sqm tiles - 80% OFF
Size: 600x600x20
Finish: Polished
Are of Use: Wall & Floor

Price: £37.87 including VAT
You Save: £20.14 / sqm

Target Mosaic Massive Discount 80%

Mixture of dark and light travertine mosaics. Target Mosaics are also traded in different names in UK as Spiral Mosaic and Bologna Mosaic.

Deal Including: 1 sheet 305x305x10 - 80% OFF
Size: 32x15x10
Finish: Tumbled
Are of Use: Wall & Floor

Price: £3.10 including VAT
You Save: £2.48

Travertine Wavy Edge Half Price

For a rougher feel, and some would say, a more natural look, our Cushioned Edge Unfilled tile will fit the bill. This is a very popular tile that can be used on interior/exterior floors and walls. It has a rugged feel underfoot, due to it being unfilled and cushioned edge. This is a very versatile travertine which will add class to any setting.

Deal Including: 10.55 sqm of 406x406x12
                                4.45 sqm of 406x203x12
                                3.70 sqm of 203x203x12
Total SQM: 18.70 sqm - 50% OFF
Finish: Cushion Edge & Unfilled
Are of Use: Wall & Floor

Price: £448.80 including VAT
You Save: £448.80

Friday 24 May 2013

How we work?

Maybe you have been watching our products and you are wondering how works our company. In this post you will find all the required information about us, our way to send the samples, our partners... and so on.

Once you are in our web page and you choose some of the products that you like, you can get your sample via EBAY. We will send you the samples that you want only for £1.49 each piece, and you can even  get stone mosaic pieces, which are meshed with a back sheet.

Alternatively you can also call us on 01273 606 722 and order the samples.

All the prices that you can see in our web page have included the V.A.T., so you won't have to calculate other prices and you won't have last minute surprises.

In All Natural Tiles we only work with the best products and companies. That is why we have been looking for around the world the best materials and now we have tiles from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, Italy...

As we say in our web page, All Natural Tiles are a company that has emerged out of other companies, and here you can check them:

All Porcelain Tiles

Authentic Stone

Friday 17 May 2013

The elegance of MARBLE and Margaret Dabbs

Marble always has been synonym of elegance. White is the color of the purity. And their mixture has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste.

All this is well known by Margaret Dabbs, who decided to use our material Thassos Marble Polished for her Spa in Dubai.

Margaret Dabbs London is an image of health, beauty and luxury. Setting up her clinics over 10 years ago now she has chosen our company to decorate her Spa in Dubai, creating an space for pure relaxation without losing her contemporary stylish image.

Check our web page to see this material, the possibilities that offers or other products that fit better to your needs.